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Beesands is a small fishing village located right on the National Trust coast path between the neighbouring villages of Torcross & Hallsands. Beesands retains much of the atmosphere associated with a bygone age, with a welcoming pub serving locally caught fresh fish, a small shop & a cafe.

Beesands sits in a very quiet rural location with a mile long shingle beach backed by grassland & lake, Widdicombe Ley, both of which are important sites for wildlife. Many years ago the village was home to numerous fishing families but today their are only a few fishermen left, landing their catch & boats straight onto the beach.

Not far from Beesands is Start Point with its well know lighthouse. The South West Coast Path runs along this section of coast with a good walking route along the cliffs to Prawle Point which overlooks the Kingsbridge estuary.

The small coastal village of Hallsands nearby stood on the beachside much like Beesands and Torcross do today but in January 1917 most of the village was swept into the sea when a violent storm lashed the coast. 29 houses were lost & all that remains are the ruins of two or three houses, which still cling to the cliff side. Fortunately the inhabitants had time to scramble up the cliff to safety - the new village of Hallsands stands above the old ruins.